Fundraising in 7 Days

Here are some ideas to kick-start your fundraising for the Parkway Run & Walk. Funds raised benefit the pediatric cancer care and research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Good luck!

How to Raise $250 in 7 Days

Day 1: Put in your own $25 donation.
Day 2: Ask your best friend for $25.
Day 3: Ask five co-workers for $10 donations.
Day 4: Ask your boss to donate $25.
Day 5: Ask five friends or neighbors for $15 donations.
Day 6: Ask two relatives to donate $15.
Day 7: Ask two local merchants for $10 donations.

Who Else Can Support Me?

  • Your relatives
  • People you know through your spouse
  • Your lawyer
  • Friends from your old job
  • People you know through your children
  • Your child’s scout leader
  • Friends from your current job
  • People from your lodge or club
  • Friends from school or college
  • Members of your sports team
  • Members of your hobby group
  • Members of your place of worship
  • Your children’s school principal
  • Friends from your old neighborhood
  • Your veterinarian
  • Your insurance agent
  • Your landlord
  • Your next-door neighbor
  • Your car salesperson
  • Your wedding attendants
  • Your CPA