Parkway Run & Walk FAQs Virtual Edition old

Event Overview

What is the Parkway Run & Walk: Virtual Edition?

The Parkway Run & Walk, presented by Citadel, is an extraordinary example of the mobilization of people determined to conquer childhood cancer. What began in 1998 with 300 runners has grown to more than 10,000 runners and walkers from around the world who have collectively raised over $15 million for pediatric cancer research and care at CHOP.

This year we are thrilled to resume our cherished tradition of gathering as a community on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Sunday, Sept. 26. We are also excited to build upon our momentum from the Parkway Run & Walk: Virtual Edition and keep the event as a monthlong challenge to ensure that every team, whether participating in honor or in memory of a child, can take part in a way that matches their comfort and interest level.

What is a meaningful mileage goal?

Teams that are celebrating or honoring a CHOP cancer patient can come up with a number that relates to that patient’s cancer journey. For example, Team Timmy is challenging themselves to achieve 3,650 for the 10 years Timmy has been cancer-free.

How does the Parkway Run work?

Start your team or join a team

Earn miles
Get active: Once you’ve signed up and created your personal mileage goal, you can track your miles any way you’d like throughout the month of September! Whether you walk, run, bike, hike, swim, row or get creative — each mile brings your team one step closer to their goal.

Raise funds: 100% of every dollar raised for the Parkway Run & Walk funds breakthroughs in cancer research and care for children at CHOP. The more dollars you raise, the more miles your team earns.

Get moving and celebrate

On Sept. 1, the team activity challenge begins! Make sure you log your completed miles at least once a week on your fundraising page. Your supporters (and potential supporters) want to know how much you’ve accomplished!
We encourage you to share your progress from mobile apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Strava, MapMyRun, Nike+ Run Club and use the hashtag #ParkwayRun

What does the in-person event on Sept. 26 involve?

On Sunday, Sept. 26, those who registered to run or walk will gather on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for an inspiring program where we’ll highlight our teams and patient ambassadors, hear from the Cancer Center, recognize our sponsors and celebrate our accomplishments together! The ceremony will be followed by a 5K run/2K walk.

If I don’t attend the in-person event, how will I be able to watch the livestreamed ceremonies

Both the kick-off and closing ceremony will be shared via Facebook Live on the CHOP Cancer Center Facebook page.

What will be included in the virtual ceremonies?

The virtual ceremonies will feel similar to the program during the in-person Parkway Run & Walk. We’ll highlight our teams and patient ambassadors, hear from the Cancer Center, recognize our sponsors and celebrate our accomplishments together!

In-Person Event Experience

Where does the in-person event take place?

Runners and walkers will start at the peak of Eakins Oval and travel down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. All participants will finish in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Will you have photographers available to take team photos?

Yes! Photographers will roam throughout the event space and will be happy to take team photos. There will also be two photographers stationed at the base of the Art Museum for team photos.

What time does the event begin?

7 a.m.- Registration Opens
8:30 a.m.- 5K Fun Run begins followed directly by the 2K Family Fun Walk

When should I arrive?

We suggest arriving no later than 7:30 a.m. to ensure your team is ready to start at the beginning of the run/walk.

What is a team tent?

A team tent is a centrally located meeting area for your team. The tent will have a banner with your team name. We also deliver event shirts and race bibs right to the tent which allows for all pre-registered team members to avoid any lines on race day.

How can my team get a tent?

Teams that recruit 100+ team members or raise $10,000+ will be provided with a tent on the day of the event. If a team recruits 125+ team members, we will also provide donuts! 🙂

Are strollers allowed during the run/walk?

Strollers are allowed for all portions of the event. If a participant would like to run with a stroller, there will be a designated stroller start toward the back of the runner line to ensure participant safety.

Are we allowed to bring dogs on the event day?

Dogs are not permitted at the event because of our sanctions and insurance policies with USATF.

Can I run and walk?

The walk starts immediately after the last person crosses the starting line for the run, so depending upon how fast you run, there is a possibility that you could finish the run and catch back up with the walk.

When/where is the Parkway Run & Walk packet pickup?

The exact dates and times for packet pickup will be available in early September listed under the event details section of the website.

Can I run with my child?

Yes, the adult and kids 5K starts at the same time and follows the same course.

What are race age groups?

The age groups for male and female are broken down into the follow brackets: 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 and 70 and over.

What are the race prizes?

Gift cards will be awarded to the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place male/female winners of each age group.


What is the cost of registration?

Adult: $20
Kids (ages 3-12): $10

Should I still create a team now that the Parkway Run & Walk is a virtual event?

Absolutely! We’re all learning new ways to do things together but apart, and the Parkway Run & Walk: Virtual Edition is a perfect event to do with friends and family no matter where they live.

When does online registration end?

Online registration ends at the end of the day on Friday, Sept. 25.

I do not remember my password and I am unable to reset it. What should I do?

Contact and provide your name as well as indicate your problem. We will manually reset and provide you with a new password within 48 hours or less.

What does my registration include?

Each individual who registers will receive a Parkway Run & Walk T-shirt.
Sizes are not guaranteed after Aug. 19.

When will I receive my Parkway Run T-shirt?

If you register before Aug. 19, you are guaranteed to receive your T-shirt before Sept. 1
If you register after Aug. 19, your shirt could take up to 7 business days to arrive.

Is there a limit to how many people can be on my team?

The more the merrier! The more teammates you recruit, the more miles you can track and dollars you can raise to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Mile Tracking

How can my team earn activity miles?

How your team chooses to get active is up to each individual. You can walk, run, ride, indoor cycle, swim or row — get creative to what works best for you. Some examples are walking your dog, riding your Peloton® or tracking your steps throughout the entire day.

How does my team track miles?

Check out this video about how to track miles.

Can I track my miles for days that have already passed?

Yes! Simply click the tracker button on your fundraising page and fill in the miles you missed. After entering this info, click the pink square next to the field to save it.

Can I automatically sync my miles from my Fitbit or smart watch?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to sync the miles tracker with smart devices. However, our mileage tracker is user-friendly and easy to update.

If I registered a team member, how do they track their miles?

Check out this video about how to track miles.

When will I see our bonus miles added to our team page?

If you receive bonus miles before September, all bonus miles will be added by the end of the day on Sept. 1.
If you receive bonus miles throughout the month of September, they will be updated every Tuesday and Friday by 5 p.m.

Is there a prize for the teams that complete the 6,546 mileage challenge?

A special prize will be announced at a later date that will recognize all the teams and team members.


I have volunteered with Parkway Run & Walk in the past. Will there be roles for volunteers this year?

At this time, we do not anticipate having any volunteer roles this year. However, we invite you to consider starting or joining a team, because the Cancer Center at CHOP needs us more than ever!


Where do the funds go from the Parkway Run & Walk?

100% of every dollar raised for the Parkway Run & Walk funds breakthroughs in cancer research and care for children at CHOP — and around the globe!

Do I need to fundraise on top of my registration fee?

Fundraising is not required, but every dollar will help us fund breakthrough research and innovative care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

How much of my donation will be directed to pediatric oncology research and care?

100% of your donation directly supports pediatric cancer research and care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

What are the responsibilities of the team captain?

Team captains customize the team page, recruit team members, motivate them to fundraise and share event details with the team. Some team captains go above and beyond and create team T-shirts or organize a team fundraising event!

How do you recommend we build community among our team virtually?

We encourage you to organize small, social distant activities together, host team FaceTime or Zoom gatherings, or host an opening/closing ceremony watch party together safety. Want to brainstorm further? Contact us at

Can I create a Facebook fundraiser that will show up on my team page?

Yes! We encourage our participant to start Facebook fundraising through your Participant Center. Watch this step-by-step video on creating a team. When you create a Facebook fundraiser, your team earns 25 bonus miles.

What should we do with cash donations made to our team?

All cash donations should be converted to check or money order. You can fill out our donation form, which includes instructions on who the check should be made out to and where it should be sent.

I donated to a participant/team but it is not showing up on their page.

Sometimes donations are mistakenly made to the general event. Contact and provide your name and who your donation was intended to be credited to. We will manually move your donation to the correct location within 48 hours or less.

Are there opportunities to get my company involved?

Yes! If you work for a company that might be interested in being a sponsor, please review our sponsorship opportunities or email us at for more information. Custom opportunities and packages are available. We also welcome any company that would like to form a corporate team and participate.

How do I know if my company has a matching gift program?

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. It’s a great way to double your donation! Find out if your company has a matching gift policy by searching our matching gifts directory.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

For any questions, please contact us at

What do I do if I or someone I know donated to the event and meant to donate to my page?

Email and provide with the donor’s name and the correct page that the donation should be credited to and the donation will be moved within 48 hours.