Be a Team Captain

Team captains are the driving force of the Parkway Run & Walk! When you become a team captain, you become the inspiration for your team of superheroes fighting to end childhood cancer. You’ll have a few responsibilities that a leader like you is ready to conquer!

What does a team captain do?

After signing up as a team captain, you will:

  • Customize your team page
  • Recruit team members by encouraging family, friends and colleagues to join your team. (Team members can also recruit, so it’s not all up to you!)
  • Motivate your team to fundraise by sending encouraging messages and updates via your team page and/or our donor drive app
  • Share event details with your team, such as where to meet on event day or what your team will be wearing

Get a team tent on the event day!

Teams that recruit 100+ team members or raise $10,000+ will be provided with a tent on the day of the event. A team tent is a centrally located meeting area for your team. The tent will have a banner with your team’s name. We also deliver event shirts and race bibs right to the tent, which allows for all pre-registered team members to avoid any lines on race day. If a team recruits 125+ team members, we will also provide doughnuts! The deadline to receive a team tent is Friday, Sept. 13.

Some team captains go above and beyond! Ideas for what you can do as a team captain include:

  • Create team T-shirts using our fundraising partner Bonfire!
  • Organize a team fundraising event
  • Encourage team members to start a Facebook Fundraiser
  • Create your own incentives for reaching fundraising milestones. Examples include:
    • If we raise $5,000, I’ll learn a Tik Tok dance!
    • If we raise $10,000, I’ll take an ice bath!

Start Your Team Now