Virtual Participation

Participate in the Parkway Run Virtually!

If you are unable to attend the event on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Sept. 29, you can still fund vital pediatric cancer research and offer new hope to families by participating virtually. You can start a team that will participate virtually, join a team as a virtual participant alongside team members who will attend the event or participate as a solo virtual participant.

Register as a virtual participant today

Virtual participants have two ways to be a part of the Parkway Run.

Create a mileage challenge for the month of September

Create a meaningful mileage goal that you’ll work to achieve through any activity (such as walking, running or biking) during September and track your mileage using the Donor Drive app. Your mileage goal could honor the number of treatment days, days cancer-free, or anything related to your or a loved one’s cancer journey.

You can raise funds based on your progress, such as letting people know that you’re halfway to your goal and their support will get you to the finish line!

Single-day event with my team on the same day as the Parkway Run

Arrange to join your team virtually on Sept. 29. Connect with your team before, during or after the Parkway Run. Join them virtually via FaceTime or video call platforms so you can experience the excitement on the Parkway. Walk your own 2K or run a 5K in tandem with those on the Parkway.

Wherever you live and however you participate, you can help conquer childhood cancer!